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Random Ad Machine: The Roots and Honda and Earth Day

Building on Caroline’s earth day post last friday, comes this little gem from the weekend.  The Roots, the legendary hip hop outfit (nee Paul Schaeffer 2.0), Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Honda teamed up to film this earth day promo.  The ad takes on the air of a subtle Honda Civic hybrid commercial, while also serving as a cause marketing piece for the band and the car maker.  I  personally think Honda did a very nice job of subtly suggesting its green qualities, as well as working in product highlights such as its interactive dash board, and its “econ button” which helps improve the car’s fuel economy.  Honda did well to not try to hijack the earth day/green message of the ad, and play a strong secondary role in the overall presentation.  It also doesn’t hurt that the Roots maintain a nice image association despite its move to NBC studios.  Good job done by all.

—By Ben Malki