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The Jingles, they are-a-comin’

Now that another Halloween is in the books, marketers throughout the land can put away their vampire costumes and turn their attention to that make or break retail bonanza that is the holiday season.   As an American consumer, that means being bombarded with these familiar yuletide images:

Hershey’s Bells

M&Ms meet Santa

And over the past decade and a half, none may be more familiar that Coke’s annual Polar Bear parade:

These lovable digital polar bears have been a mainstay of the company and the season since 1993.  This year, however, Coke has decided to trade the digital bears in for the real thing (no Pepsi pun intended). 

Partnering with the World Wildlife Foundation, Coca Cola has committed $2 million dollars to its latest corporate responsibility venture.  Will this move resonate with the public this holiday season?  

—Mike Logan