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Why we still are marketers

When we first started this blog, each of us founding members wrote a small piece on why we decided to do this in the first place. What compelled us to take our thoughts and insights about marketing outside of the professional channels we work in. At the time, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world to me. After all, when we were outside of class, just hanging out, marketing in all of its glorious nuances still held our attention. We would argue the merits of one campaign over another. What was real guerilla marketing? Could you really put a value on a brand? How do you make brands relatable and sustainable? Why being called a cost center is insulting to the customer you serve and the brand you maintain? 

All of those conversations inspired the group that writes for this blog to continue to see marketing as more than something you do for a living, but rather the lifeblood that connects human beings to the products and services made for them and their consumption. As the year 2011 comes to a close, I am reminded that this little blog has been the outlet for many of those conversations I used to have in person, with these people, my fellow bloggers, my intellectual playmates, my friends. 

It also challenges my understanding of how my profession has changed and continues to do so. As well as how I continue to grow with it. So the question is posed, why am I still a marketer?

I am still a marketer because when I see a product on the shelf that I have never seen before, my heart jumps with a ting of excitement (much like opening a christmas present). I am still a marketer because I do not believe that people are numbers on either side of the transaction, whether you are the person selling a product/service or the one buying it. I believe there is a fundamental story to each brand, a thin line that connects the past and the present to the future. I believe that innovation is a product of people wanting to communicate more efficiently. I do not believe that consumers are mindless idiots who walk around doing what you tell them to. I believe in the power of a word, an image and a design. 

I am still marketer who blogs on this site because I believe that there is a constant conversation that I need to have with you. So thank you for reading us, and as special treat here’s an ad to start your week to.

- Caroline Reilly

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Our New Look!

Sheep Spell Spring

(yes that is an image of spring spelled with sheep. fyi.)

Dear YBIS readers,

As spring is (hopefully) upon us soon, we have decided to update our humble blog with a new look and feel. Think of it as shedding the winter coat and bulky snow boots for your favorite pair of kicks and hoodie. We are still in the adjustment process so you’ll likely see more changes in the coming weeks. 

In honor of this change, we’ve created a drinking game for your Friday night post work/job search entertainment. Its also a fun trick to make you aware of how omni-present brands are in every day life.

Here’s how it works. (for those of you of legal drinking age)

1. Buy booze. Either in a local watering hole, trendy brewery hipster haunt, suit clad 4:30 hotspot or just hit the liquor store. 

2. Find a TV or friends. You may combine the two at your discretion. 

3. Drink every time you hear a brand name. Either said by you or someone else.

4. Repeat.

5. Do this until you feel like your week has disappeared into the clear blue easy of the past.

5. Eventually get a cab home or ask for a ride from a friend (either newly acquired or not) who has not been playing the game with you.

6. 2 Advil, a bottle of Gatoraide and don’t call me in the morning.

On Saturday, two things will likely happen. You will never want to play this game ever again and you will realize that brand is everywhere.

Now, go forth. Enjoy the rest of your week. Enjoy our new website. 

We’ll see you on Monday with a new article! 

- The editors of Your Brand Is Showing

And now for something a little different…

Once more, we here at YBiS are a little late in our task providing you, our dear readers, with the brand, advertising, marketing and general business insight you have come to expect from us three times a week. For this, I humbly beg your forgiveness.

Unfortunately, you entitled jerks will have to wait til Wednesday for a new article because today, I am going to be making an announcement. The four of us at YBiS (Reilly, Malki, Lubeck the Invisible and yours truly) have decided that some change is in order. Most of us are more or less gainfully employed and with employment comes a whole mess of responsibility that robs you of all the time you had planned to do the fun things, such as writing for this blog. However, we all love running and writing YBiS. We love writing about what is going on in the industry and in the business world in general. We love posting funny videos of advertisements featuring ninjas and cars or a screaming black man under a shower. We also love discussing our stories with you, our readers (though really, you guys could really comment a bit more often, we could use the validation).

So, in order to keep up the Mon-Wed-Fri schedule we have set for ourselves and feel obligated to uphold we have opted to ask of few people to join us here at Your Brand is Showing. Over the next two weeks you will notice that some articles have been posted by people whose names you do not recognize. Don’t be afraid, read them anyway, we can vouch for the quality of these pieces (which considering the quality of our work so far, is a virtually meaningless statement). You will also notice that the site itself will go through some changes. Again, deep breaths, this is completely normal, everyone goes through it.

In all, this is an exciting time for us at YBiS. The blog has only been online for a few months and already we are getting great responses from all of you out there. We are very much looking forward to welcoming more contributors to our little band here and hope that you will enjoy it just as much as we do. We have high hopes for Your Brand is Showing. We are really only at the beginning right now, we hope you would be willing to join us and see where the road takes us.

Again, I apologize for there not being a proper post today. I hope you accept this as a token of my remorse.