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Random Ad Machine: Oh, its Football time.

The Random Ad Machine keeps us in the world of sports, and today we’re honoring the oh-so-American of sports, Football. Having survived the lockout, and primed for the start of what promises to be a great regular season, for many teams other than my beloved Bears that is, the glory of Football Sunday’s will forever be king—we think, in truth we don’t always remember everything that happened…uh…let’s move on.  So below are some YBIS approved funny NFL ads.  

AND If you didn’t see Caroline’s fantastic baseball post from last week, click here, and watch out for Beickler’s Soccer post this Friday.

ok…this next one is cheating…its actually an SNL skit, but this is a blog, so there are no rules. NO RULES. Happy Wednesday everyone! —Ben Malki

Random Ad Machine Series: Sports and the Ads that love them - Baseball

Happy Friday! In celebration of Labor Day and the Great American pastime (which is baseball, just to clarify), we at YBIS have collected some of our favorite baseball ads for your enjoyment and entertainment. 


New Era gets into the Red Sox / Yankees rivalry in a “Funny or Die” styled ads. Needless to say, Alec Baldwin is still one of the funniest motherf*ers on the planet. 

And to bring in another huge baseball nation, a musical number from our fine friends in Japan. 

And because I think the words “Stripey No!” will live forever…

You gentleman can thank Rolling Rock for that ode to your manly assets. 

And then, of course, ESPN needs an honorable mention here.

And to finish off the article… 

More Alec Baldwin. Just because.

Happy Friday!!!!

- Caroline Reilly

Random Ad Machine—Beer on the brain.

The random ad machine is back!  and today its got beer on the brain (don’t we all?).  So without further ado, here are some of our favorite beer commercials.  

                     ok…no a beer commercial, but still damn funny.                     

Happy Friday Everyone! —By Ben Malki

Random Ad Machine: We are funny dammit!

Last month, the Telegraph published an article, claiming that Germany was now “officially” the Worlds least funny country. Now, as a funny German myself and a man who has had his baggage “randomly searched” by US custom officials, I can confidently say that this “study” is complete rubbish. If you need further proof, look at these Burger King ads by Munich based agency .start titled “Veg City”. We expect the Telegraph’s retraction and apology forthwith.

-Philip Beickler

Random Ad Machine: What Were the Best Ads in S. Africa in 2009?

Really glad you asked, and due to laptops dying, and job interviews pending, YBIS will be a quck one today.  Therefore, here’s a link to the best ads from South Africa in 2009.  All great stuff here, particularly these two:

This incredible VW Jetta ad:

Cafe Owners Vs. Mama’s, because no one brings a country together like..(gulp) BP:  

For the rest of the ads, click here.  

Happy Wednesday everyone, and here’s hoping you don’t get the blue screen of laptop death like I did last night.

—By Ben Malki 

Random Ad Machine: The Roots and Honda and Earth Day

Building on Caroline’s earth day post last friday, comes this little gem from the weekend.  The Roots, the legendary hip hop outfit (nee Paul Schaeffer 2.0), Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Honda teamed up to film this earth day promo.  The ad takes on the air of a subtle Honda Civic hybrid commercial, while also serving as a cause marketing piece for the band and the car maker.  I  personally think Honda did a very nice job of subtly suggesting its green qualities, as well as working in product highlights such as its interactive dash board, and its “econ button” which helps improve the car’s fuel economy.  Honda did well to not try to hijack the earth day/green message of the ad, and play a strong secondary role in the overall presentation.  It also doesn’t hurt that the Roots maintain a nice image association despite its move to NBC studios.  Good job done by all.

—By Ben Malki

Random Ad Machine

China is a land of a billion consumers, and all of them are just starting to get a taste of brands. But how do we speak to them? Here are a few good ideas.

Random (print) Ad Machine—NYC Subway Genius

This random ad machine is dedicated to Subway ads that we love, that is, for those of us lucky to live in this great city.  

From Manhattan Storage. Talk about knowing your audience.  

Probably my favorite—-this is for 

Not sure what to make of this one…

Now, this last link has nothing to do with ads—-but its funny…so here’s a link to things you would only ever see on a NYC subway.  (god I love NYC)  

—Happy Friday everyone

Ben Malki

Random Ad Machine: Happy Holidays Everyone

We’ve been a bit absent minded lately what with all the holidays, but YBIS will be back on its regular schedule after 2010 turns into 2011, so for the meantime, enjoy your break, and these ads.   

—-Happy New Years! —Ben Malki and the YBIS Team.

The Best Christmas Commercial I’ve ever seen

Holiday season in marketing land means lots of happy people in sweaters,and lots of sap…but this particular Target ad broke that mold and caught my eye this season.  Let’s give it up for Target putting a new (and funny) spin on a tired angle, while not so subtly hinting that Target is the place for last minute shoppers. 

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays everyone! (and for those like me, let’s all hope the Chinese food is plentiful, and the movie good).  

—-Ben Malki

Friday Quick Thoughts: Random Ad Machine Channels’ Albert Lasker

Inspired by Part 1 of Mike’s post on Albert Lasker, the random ad machine (well, maybe not that random) presents us with these gems from cigarette advertising past.


Happy Friday everyone, and uh…don’t smoke.

—By Ben Malki

Random Ad Machine: GM nails it.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, GM unleashed this amazing spot on us.  The theme is nothing new, you fall down, you get up, it’s been done before (such as this Dwayne Wade Gatorade commercial from a few years ago).  However, GM didn’t simply trot out a somewhat cliché’d message, they trotted out a somewhat cliché’d message with a sly twist. 

After the inane discussion about corporate bailouts in this past election, the iconic, yet beleaguered brand waited for the dust to settle before reclaiming the narrative over the taxpayer funded rescue over GM.  “We all fall down.  Thank you for helping us get back up” the commercial says, alluding to the bailout, showing appreciation for the help they received, and hinting that they are in fact, back.  The spot is a clear Brand Attitude play, attempting to jump start positive brand equity for GM, after decades of brand dilution and negative customer feedback. 

With Ford leading the way in the bIg 3’s modest turnaround, GM’s campaign could help launch them back into the national consciousness as a major American company.  If their marketing department continues to roll out slick campaigns such as this one, we might just see GM and Detroit rise again. 

Ben Malki   

Random Ad Machine has a case of the Monday’s

As my esteemed colleague was caught by the dreaded Schedule Snarl, I shall be presenting you with some of my favorite ads.