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Quick tip: A new mobile app for marketing junkies!

By: Mike Logan

Just hours ago, Apple released iAd Gallery, a free mobile app that lets you view several currently running iAds.   Since these ads represent a new advertising medium for marketers, we at YBIS thought you should be in on the know.  (pictures courtesy of Business Insider)

This screenshot displays one of two ways that ads can be scrolled through - the other  places the ads like prized paintings hung in a modern digital gallery.

Selecting an ad lets the viewer learn more about the creative agency behind the work, shows a shot of how the banner ad will appear to viewers, and provides some ad related messaging.  This screen also allow you to “love” and ad. 

Clicking the banner ad, brings the full iAd into view.  These ads are media rich and provide content more akin to television than print ads.  Some ads take advantage of the mobile devices capabilities - like the built in accelerometers, click to call buttons, music downloads, etc. 

All in all, an elegant glimpse into the state of mobile advertising 2011.  Worth checking out. 

A little light reading on a Wednesday afternoon

There are a lot of things happening with brands and in the marketing world and sometimes we just can’t keep up. So now for your further education and reading enjoyment: a few business articles that we thought it would be worthwhile to read and mull over while eating lunch at your desk.

The Economist weighs in on the logo battles.

Business Week states loud and clear that a company requires only ONE Facebook page.

HP tries to combine social networking, customer participation and Rob Riggle.

The New Yorker on the Fall of Blockbuster.

Mobile ad spending is the next frontier, and it is here.