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Friday Quick Thoughts: La Dolce Vita

As a continually recovering and relapsing European, I am the first to admit there is not much to be excited about where The Continent is concerned right now. Politicians are dithering and cowardly trying to avoid doing what needs to be done to save the single currency, rioting and public vandalism is once more a vogue activity and Silvio Berlusconi some how has not ended up in a Maximum Security prison with Bernie Madoff as a cell mate. On the bright side, We do have the most exquistly designed soda bottles!

I probably should state this upfront, but I am not a packaging person. I mean it, I generally consider packaging to be something that get between me and the product rather than part of the experience. Intellectually I am aware of its importance in the branding world, and that it probably has some sort of effect on me. I just do not care about it. So you can imagine what it must have taken when, at lunch the other day, I nearly missed picking up my curry turkey wrap because I was facsinated by the shape of my Afri Cola bottle. You can see it below:


Now despite the slightly unsavory history (the brand was founded in 1931 and was a product of its time) Afri Cola has endured to this day by producing a very refreshing beverage that tastes distinctly different from the two super brands. Beyond which, just look at that bottle! It is beautiful. I have it on my desk at home, I am so facsinated by it. The bottle also got me thinking about what other european soda bottles might have such startling designs. What do you know, we are positively drowning in them.



Friday Quick Thoughts: Football! (or soccer, if you’re thick)

Alright. Way back when we at YBiS were still updating with some regularity, my colleagues showed you some stellar examples of humerous baseball and American football advertisements. Now it is my turn to represent some of the best and funniest soccer clips. Beware, some of the them go back to the early to mid 90’s, as you can see in the first clip by the apperance of one Eric Cantona (still the most brutal Frenchman to have ever played the game) and a 19 year old Ronaldo. If these names don’t mean anything to you then you ought to be deeply ashamed of yourself. Enjoy!

This one was absolutely legendary back in the day. Oddly enough, it too seems to feature Eric Cantona, who was well retired by this point.

This is just getting strange, I am beginning to wonder if Eric might have some serious blackmail material on Nike.

Now for a little something from the competition.

The irony of this video would not be appreciated until years later.

Well folks, that is all. I wish you all a good weekend!

- Philip Beickler

Friday Quick Thoughts: Abercrombie keeps Jersey trash at bay

Last week Abercrombie and Fitch created some buzz when they put out a press release imploring Jersey Shores’s Mike "The Situation" (ugh) Sorrentino to not wear their clothes anymore, even offering him and other members of the fall of civilization cast, money not to wear their product.  Why you ask? well they think that he is damaging the “aspirational nature of the brand” and that many of their consumers might find this “distressing”.  

Ok fair enough, Mr. Sorentino and the rest of his staten island trash friends are horrifying in every way, and could most definitely provide a negative association for many brands out there.   A&F whose (according to this presentation I found on the internets) demographic—-(they say 18-24, we say 15-24) most certainly watches Jersey Shore. They therefore do not fit the profile of a high scale brand skewing towards an older demographic whose sales would be impacted negatively by Monsieur Sorentino.  So why do it? Well, one idea floated by Foxnews (of all the blogs in all the web…) is that they’re trying to distract from a dissapointing quarterly earnings report.  In the end, its a meaningless, cheeky stunt which we’ll all forget about in a few months.  However, it got me thinking…what are some bad brand associations that comapnies would like to take back? Let’s take a look.

How about OJ simpson and hertz? How about OJ simpson using the word “execute” while in a Hertz Commercial:

Wait, this might work out for them…

Oh, Fred…

Happy Friday Everyone!

—Ben Malkoi

Random Ad Machine: A look back at the 1998 NBA Lockout

It’s been a slow week for us here at YBIS, so instead of contributing an original post, we’re just going to use someone else’s work.  For a bit of background the NBA is in lockout mode, and unlike the NFL, its highly doubtful we’ll have basketball again anytime soon.  So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some amazing ads that aired during the last league shutdown in 1998 with this post from Dime Magazine.   

Click here  to got the article for ads like the one below and a few others.  Trust me, its worth it.  

And for a bonus, here’s this somewhat funny clip from this year’s espy’s essentially ripping off the same idea:

Happy Friday everyone! —Ben Malki

Random Ad Machine—Beer on the brain.

The random ad machine is back!  and today its got beer on the brain (don’t we all?).  So without further ado, here are some of our favorite beer commercials.  

                     ok…no a beer commercial, but still damn funny.                     

Happy Friday Everyone! —By Ben Malki

Friday Quick Thoughts: Why is our food always flying through the air?

Many times here at YBIS we like to offer somewhat educated opinions on what’s going on in ads, and why.  But when it comes to food commercials, we’re stumped, and the answers this time are literally, up in the air.  No, seriously…why is food always flying through the air?  Does this make the food more appealing to people?  Does this help us visualize something about the product that I’m not getting?  Also, can someone explain why when there are various “herbs” or “spices” or “flavorings”  being hurled at the food in the opposite direction? Completely perplexing. And even when the food isn’t shooting across the screen?  its almost always in movement.  Can someone explain? 


Do you have an explanation, or have another catapulting food commercial you’d like to share with us?  Please do!  Click here to tell us what you think on our facebook page.  

Happy Friday everyone. 

—By Ben Malki 

Friday Quick Thoughts: Xerox is Smarter Than We Are

Xerox is smarter than us.  How do we know this? Well, the company, which you could say earns its dough by being in the brain business, created a desktop app called, “The business of the brain”. Promoting the app with interactive vertical banner ads (“skyscrapers”) taking click through’s to an incredibly interactive and clever microsite. 

 Though I am in no way the target audience (especially since I am “between” jobs) I found this fascinating.  The ad takes you to a virtual office explaining Xerox’s services.  But it doesn’t stop there, click on the little brain Icon and it takes you to yet another microsite for the “Business of the Brain” App, which analyzes your cerebral cortex/outlook inbox and catalogs your distractions, and who sends you annoying emails (among other things).  See a theme here? Brains? Smarts?  

Though the app is at most a clever time waster, it performs several important marketing functions.  For one it keeps you engaged with the brand, as well as establishing the clear link between smart business and Xerox technology.  It also promotes positive brand attitude points with its whimsical, yea that dude who keeps sending long emails is annoying-type of consumer engaging empathy.  But what it all comes down to is Xerox perfecting the concept of thought leadership.  The backbone of B2B marketing, where companies can’t just say they’re the best, they have to actually go out and create an advantage in the space by becoming experts in whatever field they’re in.  Thought leadership, when done right, also leads to free exposure, and gives your company something to talk about, or just any reason to stay in the press.  In the end Expertise + Exposure= top of mind/new business.  And for Xerox, a premier consultancy which needs to detach its name from just copiers, linking brains/smarts with the name Xerox is, well, genius. 

Check out the App here, if anything it will help your Friday go a little quicker. 

And check out yet this IBM thought leadership microsite which I couldn’t figure out how to smoothly integrate into the post here.  (Wait did I just admit that out loud?…)

—By Ben Malki   

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Friday Quick Thoughts: Honda, Hmmm….

Ladies and gentlemen, for your Friday Memorial Weekend entertainment we present you with some very creative adverts from Honda and RPA. Pay attention to these, as we will be discussing them in the future. This will be on the test.

Have fun and have a good weekend!

-Philip Beickler

Friday Quick Thoughts: Best and Worst of 2010

Perusing the internet for interesting brand bits, I stumbled upon Brand New, a site that could very well be considered a sister blog to YBiS showing, albeit a much prettier sister that is head cheerleader, gets straight A’s and receives a lot of male attention (hate her soooooo much…). Jealous reactions aside, I found a lot to like about the site and heartily recommend it to the five of you who read our blog. Special mention goes to the blogs list of Best and Worst Brand Identities of 2010 (Part 2 found here). Enjoy the lists and have a great weekend!

- Philip Beickler

Friday Quick Thoughts

The Technology Entertainment and Design (TED) Conference is best known for some of the best presentations on interesting ideas, life saving technology and people playing Somewhere over the Rainbow on a Ukelele. Yet who would have thought that the Sapling Foundation would use their platform and audience of 290 million viewers to run a TED Ads Worth Spreading competition. TED announced the their Top 10 recently and I strongly suggest that you check them out. From NGO’s to multinational corporations, from US celebrity super stars to unknown plucked from the heart of AIDS ravaged Africa, they have managed to find the Goldilocks Zone of creativity and stickiness. My personal favorites are “The World’s Smallest Stop-motion Charater”, “Dulux Walls” “Seilnah” and “Girl Effect: The Clock is Ticking”.  Please, let us know what you think and which one is your favorite.

Have a nice weekend.

-Philip Beickler

Friday Quick Thoughts: “Get In there and GIVE IT SOME HEAT”

For Canadian football fans, there is a lot to be proud of.  The Rouge, Doug Flutie, Chicago Bear player/great/legend? Israel Idonije (not Jewish—I know! crazy), and now this spot from the BC Lions.  Yes, the legendary CFL team from British Columbia.  Hit Play now:

Nothing short of brilliant. Set up well with the Dull office environment turns wacky gag, and the candy bar *just* won’t drop gag, our Canadian accent clad accountant-turned line coach exhorting our suddenly enthused HR lady nee linebacker, help this ad really cut through the clutter beautifully.  

Sports teams, especially those not in the NFL have many ad objectives—but none bigger than getting fans in the seats….for obvious reasons.  The typical team ad features some sort of obvious tagline “Get it now” or “Fan Up” or something—so for the Lions to puncture the high pitched intensity of this lady pulling a Chuck Norris-on the candy bar machine with:

"Cheering Helps"

…is truly memorable, and a great “Brand Attitude” play.  Notice it doesn’t mention star players, past successes or ticket specials, this is really all about the fans and their involvement with the team.  By cutting to a raucous crowd as a BC defender makes a tackle reinforces the idea of how a loyal British…Columbian?-can help the Lions excel on their grossly over-sized CFL field.   

All in all, a great ad—and thanks to the folks at Adiversal for bringing this to our attention in the first place .


(Happy Friday everyone)

—Ben Malki 

Friday Quick Thoughts: Because old offensive ads are fun to look at.

Our friend Ben Malki has already showcased some old ads that would cause riots and outrage in today’s world. Many of these adverts are a lens through which we can view societal circumstances as well as gender, race and class relations. These days, these ads strike as incredibly funny, because on some level, they are horrifying. Makes you wonder how the Man your Man Could Smell like Old Spice ad will be viewed in 50 years, huh?

Happy Friday Everyone, and for more funny/offensive old school ads, check out this link.  


Friday Quick Thoughts: A Very Serious Case Study, and the Power of Pink Ponies

This, is the greatest case study that has even been undertaken.  John St. a Canadian Ad agency went through a rigorous exercise in event promotion, this is their story.  

Friday Quick Thoughts: Random Ad Machine Channels’ Albert Lasker

Inspired by Part 1 of Mike’s post on Albert Lasker, the random ad machine (well, maybe not that random) presents us with these gems from cigarette advertising past.


Happy Friday everyone, and uh…don’t smoke.

—By Ben Malki