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Our New Look!

Sheep Spell Spring

(yes that is an image of spring spelled with sheep. fyi.)

Dear YBIS readers,

As spring is (hopefully) upon us soon, we have decided to update our humble blog with a new look and feel. Think of it as shedding the winter coat and bulky snow boots for your favorite pair of kicks and hoodie. We are still in the adjustment process so you’ll likely see more changes in the coming weeks. 

In honor of this change, we’ve created a drinking game for your Friday night post work/job search entertainment. Its also a fun trick to make you aware of how omni-present brands are in every day life.

Here’s how it works. (for those of you of legal drinking age)

1. Buy booze. Either in a local watering hole, trendy brewery hipster haunt, suit clad 4:30 hotspot or just hit the liquor store. 

2. Find a TV or friends. You may combine the two at your discretion. 

3. Drink every time you hear a brand name. Either said by you or someone else.

4. Repeat.

5. Do this until you feel like your week has disappeared into the clear blue easy of the past.

5. Eventually get a cab home or ask for a ride from a friend (either newly acquired or not) who has not been playing the game with you.

6. 2 Advil, a bottle of Gatoraide and don’t call me in the morning.

On Saturday, two things will likely happen. You will never want to play this game ever again and you will realize that brand is everywhere.

Now, go forth. Enjoy the rest of your week. Enjoy our new website. 

We’ll see you on Monday with a new article! 

- The editors of Your Brand Is Showing