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Old Spice | Watermelon (by OldSpice)


Animals (by AdobeSystems)

Google Analytics In Real Life - Online Checkout (by Google Analytics)


BUYRAL - Professional Clicking (by johnst172)

God I love john st. 

Social Media Video 2013 (by Erik Qualman)

I’m not Rafa - PokerStars (by PokerStarsdotTV)

Love or Football (by puma)

good god i love this.

Business Insider--Facebook introduces re-targeting

The question here isn’t whether Facebook chased the “wrong thing” or not, it’s that they now have the ability to introduce re-targeting and that’s a tremendous value add to their advertising inventory.  The writer’s lack of understanding of the capabilities of “traditional” fb advertising—and the micro targeting that it affords is jarring—but at least he picked up on fb’s new ad unit tool that offers tremendous value. 

Kilian Martin and Alfredo Urbon - smart skate fortwo (by smartfortwouk)

MTV's Gif Me More Party

This is awesome—kinda groundbreaking from an interactivity standpoint if you ask me

The Next Big Thing is Already Here — Samsung Galaxy S III (by samsungmobileusa)


This is unbelievable! Let’s see if I get a personalized like from @CarltonDraught

Adweek article: