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Apr 29

Mazda Goes Apple Route With 'Game Changers' Campaign | News - Advertising Age -

Here we go again, lazy copy brings us another “game changer”.  Mazda, did you really change the car game? is this car so different from all the others?  Is it still a vehicle on 4 wheels, driven by humans on the ground, that takes gas to run? Then uh, no, the game has not changed.   Makes me want to do a follow up post to this: 

Apr 15

Ad Age: End of Steve Jobs era -

Interesting article about the changes at Apple post Jobs. 

Apr 12


Let us all shake our heads at Blackberry

Apr 09



Feb 27

New Bluetooth Basketball Analyzes Your Shooting, Dribbling Skills -

the future of sports? 

Feb 07


Feb 05


Jan 26

Study: Facebook Leads to 24% Sales Boost | Adweek

Jan 25

Coca-Cola to Use Super Bowl Ad to Create Social-Media Game | Special: Super Bowl - Advertising Age

Jan 24

actual facebook graph searches!

Jan 23


Jan 22

Very cool, and unsolicited rebranding proposal for microsoft

Jan 17

British Agency Not Sure How Else to Advertise Energy Drink Called Pussy | Adweek